Probationer Tracking System
PC based computer application designed to automate case management for probation agencies

Have a Company that tracks Probationers ?
Starting a Company that will track Probationers?

I have found a Windows based Probation Tracking System that has been in use for some 4 years.

The author is still supporting his work.  That makes it not like so many horror stories that we have heard about - like having a program written only to find that you paid out good money and the author is now no where to be found to correct problems or make changes.  Or even worse, the author is still around and you have grown your business and need to change reports for courts and the author wants as much to make the changes as he/she charged to write the program to begin with.  Or, how about the author that just does not seem to have the time after you paid him/her to correct the little things that make the program really worthless.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then maybe we should talk about getting you a working program with support.  It will not cost you an arm and a leg to get it either.  The author has decided to charge a small upfront fee to get the program setup for your office, and then charge a small monthly lease per office for the program.  The small monthly lease includes maintenance of the program including changing reports that need a different format for a new court or a court that wants things reported differently.

Here is what it can do -

Minimum Requirements: PC compatible 486 or higher, Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, 16MB RAM, 20 MB available hard disk space

-- Click Here -- To see pictures of the various screens in the program

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