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I created this site " " because I love animals and have had Pets all my life.  I have found myself forgetting some of my pets of years gone by.  I can remember some names but not all and I can not remember exactly how they looked.  I thought that possibly other people might have the same problems and would like a way to remedy the situation.  Here we can have a lasting picture of our pet as well as a little memorial to them that others might enjoy.  I have started it with Brandy who this site is dedicated to.

There is no fee to include your pet's picture and a few words about them since I do maintain the hardware and bandwidth to host this special place.   These items are expensive and I can not afford to keep them going without support.  Any donations that you might feel appropriate for this service will be deeply appreciated.

This would help cover me getting your listing into the registry, making a simple Web Page containing your pet's picture and information, and the storage of the information on the system.  This would mean that your pet would have its own Web Address on the Internet which you would be able to go straight to from anyplace in the world instead of going through the Registry entries (i.e. - ).   It is my intent to keep this site operational for as long as I live or until there is not enough support to keep the expenses paid.

What I would need is a picture (either hard copy for me to scan for you or a computer file in JPG picture format which you can email me), the Breed of your pet, the cause of death (for the Registry entry), and a few words about your pet to place under the picture on their Web Page.  If you wish to contribute a donation to the project, please include a check or money order with the information.

I have been doing Online Communications since April 1989 when I put up my first BBS (Bulletin Board System) - SRU BBS.  I am looking forward to many more years of having my equipment available via both dial up callers and now the Internet.  May God Bless you and your Pets.

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